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The Greater Vancouver Zoo is dedicated to creating an educational environment that inspires appreciation and concern about wildlife and wild places.

With our special school rates, the zoo is a vital resource for teachers and students, offering programs, animal information and much more. Inspire your students with a visit to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. You may explore on your own, or take part in one of our Educational Programs listed below.

  • All school and group bookings must be ‘pre-registered’ at least 2 weeks in advance and are subject to availability.
  • Please complete a Field Trip Registration Form.pdf  and fax/mail/email it back to us.
  • A confirmation will be sent out within 5 days.
  • Only upon receipt of the confirmation should you assume that your class is booked.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us.
  • Payment is due upon arrival.

Special School Rates are available for: Licensed Public and Private Schools, Licensed Preschools and Continuing Education programs, Registered Home School Organizations, Daycares and Day Camps and Non-Profit Organizations.

Minimum Group Size: 10 people

Field Trip Rates and Info 2018-19.pdf

School Rates

Child (3-17 years) / Senior (65+) Admission
Adult Admission (18-64)
Educational Program
$2.52/student (in addition to admission; min. $25.20 charge)

Parking: $6.00/vehicle; School buses are free

* All prices include the 5% Goods and Services Tax.


  • Show your BCTF card and receive a complimentary pre-field trip zoo visit.
  • Free admission for chaperones (see below).
  • Free ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ activities for all educational programs with a confirmation package containing information to get the most out of your field trip. 
  • School buses park for free (individual vehicles: $6.00 per vehicle per day).


  • Preschool to Grade 3: 1 free adults’ admission per 5 paying students (includes teacher)
  • Grade 4 and over: 1 free adult admission per 10 paying students (includes teacher)
  • Free admission for Special Needs Assistants

On-Site Educational Programs

The Greater Vancouver Zoo provides a variety of education programs to engage your students and help you meet the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum and standards. Most programs are approximately 45 minutes and include a guided walking tour. From November -February, accommodations can be made for a PowerPoint presentation in the Animalasium Learning Centre followed by a short walking tour or bus tour. 

Grade levels are guidelines only as programs can be adapted to meet the needs of all groups. If you would like us to focus on specific animals or topics, please let us know when registering. Pre and post activity sheets associated with your program are provided with your confirmation. 

Each program costs $2.52/student plus admission(minimum of 10 students/participants or minimum $25.20 charge applies).

Program Titles

You and the Zoo
Preschool -Grade 1;ESL Level-Aussi disponible en français
Full of fun facts, this is an overview of some of the animals at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. Through observation and questioning, students will learn about animal characteristics, the needs of animals and how these needs are met by their environment. This program also introduces the concept of adaptations and the impact of seasonal changes on living things

Amazing Animal Adaptations
Grade 1+ -Aussi disponible en français
Students will use their observation skills to make connections between animals, theirunique adaptations and the strategies that facilitate survival, including the impact of seasonal changes, in their different habitats. This program also highlightsanimal senses andthe basic structures and functions of animal body systems.

Endangered Species
Intermediate and Middle School Level
Many plants and animals are now threatened with extinction. Explore the role of students, zoos and conservation organizations in protecting species that would now be extinct. Learn about the unique characteristics of some endangered species and their roles in the ecosystem.

Life Cycles
Grade 2+
By observing a variety of wildlife, students will learn that all living things have life cycles adapted to their environment and life history path. This program will highlight the importance of life cycles in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

The Web of Life
Grade 3+ -Aussi disponible en français
Through examination of an ecosystem, students will learn the importance of biodiversity, how animals interact with their environment, and competition within food webs.

Animal Super Senses
Grade 4+
Students will explore various animals and how they use their senses in response to their environment. We will highlight the importance of these adaptations to survival, and how they are connected to all other living things within their ecosystem. This program also discusses how different biomes impact animal responses.

Animal Organs at Work
Grade 5+
Students will learn how the various body systems function within the animal kingdom and how they have become specialized to best suit the various needs of wildlife.

Conservation and Endangered Species
Preschool –University -Aussi disponible en français
Learn about the Western Painted Turtle, Oregon Spotted Frog, and Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly recoveryprogramsat the Greater Vancouver Zoo and how we’re making a difference.Explore the role of students, accredited zoos, and conservation organizations in protecting species that are threatened with extinction. Students will also learn about the International Unionfor Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Speciesand its significance.

Animal Classifications
Grade 11+
Students will dive into the world of classification using various examples of the kingdom Animalia here at the zoo. Our knowledgeable zoo staff will describe and demonstrate how scientists use internal and external features to distinguish and classify animals.

Other Options
Educational activities including crafts, scavenger hunts and conservation themed games are available upon request for all grade levels and abilities.

Interpretive Talks and Special Events
Please see our Events page for our full schedule.

Picnic Areas

We have three beautiful areas within the picnic/park area of the zoo to have an event or function. There are three options to choose from:


Tiger Gazebo

Includes one covered gazebo with water and electricity available. This area is approximately 1500 m2 and is $26.25 (price includes the 5% Goods and Services Tax) to rent. Accommodates approximately 30 people.


Zebra Gazebo

Includes one covered gazebo with water and electricity available. The area is approximately 2000 m2 and is $52.50 (price includes the 5% Goods and Services Tax)  to rent.
Accommodates approximately 50 people.


Giraffe Gazebo

This is a very large open space and includes one covered gazebo with water and electricity available. Directly located off Lemur Island. The area is approximately 2500 m2 and is $52.50 (price includes the 5% Goods and Services Tax)  to rent. Accommodates approximately 50 people.

A $50.00 deposit is required upon registration. Picnic areas are available to rent from 9am-4pm. The picnic/park areas can be reserved as separate sections or as one large area. If you reserve the whole picnic area (i.e. the Tiger, Zebra and Giraffe gazebos) the cost is $115.50 (price includes the 5% Goods and Services Taxes) . For more information, please contact us by phone at 604.856.6825 (ext 26 or 28) or by email at edu@gvzoo.com.

Please Note: Gazebos near playground cannot be reserved, please see map or phone for more information.

Education Contact Information

Education Department
Greater Vancouver Zoo
5048-264th Street
Aldergrove, B.C. V4W 1N7
Tel: 604.856.6825 ext. 26
Fax: 604.856.6857


Phone: 604.856.6825
Fax: 604.857.9008
Email: info@gvzoo.com

5048 - 264th Street
Aldergrove, BC V4W 1N7


Winter Hours
(October 1 - March 31)
9:00am - 4:00pm

Summer Hours
(April 1 - September 30)
9:00am - 7:00pm