Common name: Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly
Scientific name: 
Euphydryas editha taylori  

Taylor's Checkerspot Butterflies are only found on Denman Island, British Columbia and found in some places in Oregon and Washington.

They have been documented feeding on members of the figwort or snapdragon family, including paintbrush, as well as native and non-native plants in the plantain family. Adult butterflies eat the nectar from wild flowers.

Median Life Expectancy:
Up to 6 months

Their wings are primarily orange with bands of white cells. The dorsal portion of the wings has a proportionate mix of black, orange and white. It is one of the smallest of the Edith Checkerspots.

Conservation Status:
Endangered | Previously thought to be extinct, scientists found a small population on Denman Island. The GVZoo is currently breeding and releasing this species.

Fun Fact:
Did you know that butterflies can often detect if it is going to rain and will keep cover under leaves for hours!?