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Volunteering at the Greater Vancouver Zoo provides participants with a unique opportunity to have some fun in a beautiful setting while learning about zoo operations, animal care, and conservation education. Volunteers are a valuable asset to the organization and we welcome friendly and outgoing individuals to help provide a meaningful experience for the guests who visit the facility all year round.

Volunteer Orientation

Our next volunteer orientation date is on Saturday, April 14 from 1pm-4pm at the zoo. In order to be invited to attend, interested applicants must complete an application package. The application package is available upon request by contacting 604-856-6825 ext.26 or by emailing volunteer@gvzoo.com . Deadline to submit an application is April 10. Applicants will receive more details about the orientation once their application has been processed, but this free event will provide participants with an overview of the Greater Vancouver Zoo and the types of activities volunteers assist with.

Volunteer Roles and Requirements

There are many different roles that are available as a volunteer of the Zoo and there are a few requirements:


  • Special Event Assistants: If you like decorating and facilitating special events, there is always something going on at the Zoo. Whether it’s Easter or the Zoo Anniversary, assistance is always welcome.
  • Guest Services: Represent the Zoo and its volunteers at the Information Booth where guests are provided with directions, the Interpretive Talk schedule, and upcoming special events. Promote birthday parties, sleepovers and animal adoptions. You can also facilitate a craft activity, display some animal artifacts, or do some face painting
  • Zoo Patrollers: Stroll around the facility to answer inquiries about animals, provide directions, and spread awareness regarding zoo rules.
  • Animal Ambassadors: Do you have a favourite animal? Learn all about this animal and act as its zoo representative when interacting with zoo guests. Answer questions about the animal’s name, diet, and status in the wild.
  • Zoo Operations: There is an extensive list of projects for volunteers to work on all year long, from raking leaves to weeding.


  • Enthusiastic, energetic and interested in working with the public and nature
  • Minimum 16 years of age or accompanied by a responsible adult willing to volunteer and meet program requirements
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Agree to background reference and criminal record check
  • Submit application package prior to deadline indicated
  • Attend a 3 hour orientation and a 3 hour training session
  • Willing to complete a 25 hour probation period within 4 months of start date
  • Commit to a minimum of 6 volunteer hours of service per month

If you meet all the above requirements and would like to apply to the Greater Vancouver Zoo Volunteer Program, please email volunteer@gvzoo.com and request an application package. You may also contact us if you have any questions regarding the volunteer program.

Volunteer Testimonial

Why I love being a volunteer at the Greater Vancouver Zoo:

"Being a volunteer at the Greater Vancouver Zoo allows me the opportunity to be involved in things that matter to me! As a former teacher, I enjoy educating others about the conservation, preservation and protection of animals. As a volunteer, I am part of a dedicated community of others who also believe in the vision of the zoo. I get to engage in a wide variety of activities that I love which easily work around my own work schedule. Whether it’s being involved with animal care, guest relations, trade shows, maintenance, special events, info booth or just chatting with guests, there’s always something new and exciting to do!"

-Kathy, dedicated volunteer

Volunteer of the Year

Aldergrove,B.C. – (November 2, 2017)–The Greater Vancouver Zoo (GVZ) congratulates their committed volunteer Elfie Ringrose, who was recently awarded Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA/AZAC)  Volunteer of the Year Award. Announced at the national conference in Ottawa, the award recognizes the valuable short or long-term contribution a volunteer has made to a member Institution of CAZA/AZAC

.Since 2007, Elfie has accumulated over 1,460 volunteer hours and is still going strong. “We were very pleased to honour Elfie with GVZ’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year award as voted by her peers and are appreciative that her hard work and dedication is also recognized via CAZA/AZAC’s Volunteer of the Year Award,” says GVZ animal care manager Menita Prasad. “Elfie has become one of our most reliable volunteers through the years and faithfully tends to her duties every Wednesday and Friday morning and is happy to assist anytime supplemental assistance is required. Elfie is a fabulous role model for zoo staff and other volunteers and we are honoured she chooses to volunteer her time with us.”

The GVZ is also pleased to announce that all the hard work by the dedicated staff and volunteers has paid off as the zoo has passed another five-year accreditation inspection conducted by members of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums with flying colours.

Accreditation means that GVZ upholds and adheres to the highest standard of animal care, safety and education as determined by the foremost professionals in the zoological and aquarium field. Furthermore, it showcases that GVZ plays a critical role in supporting species conservation and biodiversity.

Greater Vancouver Zoo Photo Society

Are you a photographer? Are you interested in wildlife?

You, too, could join the very talented bunch that we have with us called the Greater Vancouver Zoo Photo Society. We would be lost without the support of this great team of photographers and friends.


As a Greater Vancouver Zoo Volunteer with the Photo Society,  your role would be to utilize your skills as a photographer during your visits to the Zoo.  Photographing various animals on your visits and submitting them to the Zoo monthly for the Zoo's use in advertising and social media!


  • Enthusiastic, energetic and interested in working with the public and nature
  • Must have previous photography experience
  • Provide sample photos of wildlife
  • Must have your own equipment
  • Must visit the zoo to take photos once per month unless consistent weather conditions prevent it
  • Submit 15 photos per month for the zoo’s use in Advertisements and Social Media 
  • Attend 1 Zoo event per year
  • Attend 2 photo meet ups per year, meet ups will be held once every 2 months on a Saturday morning
  • Photos taken at the Zoo cannot be used for commercial purposes or personal gain other than building a personal portfolio
  • Complete 3 month probation period
  • If minimum requirements are no longer being met you will no longer be involved in the photo society as there is limited availability within the program

*Photos taken at the Zoo cannot be used for commercial purposes or personal gain other than building a personal portfolio

The Greater Vancouver Zoo would like to thank our exceptional team of volunteer photographers who provide us with photos that we use for signs at the Zoo, advertisements and promotions of all kind.

If you meet all the above requirements and would like to apply to the Greater Vancouver Zoo Photo Society Program, please email info@gvzoo.com and request an application and volunteer benefits package. You may also contact us if you have any questions regarding the program.


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