Snow Goose


Snow Goose

Common name: Snow Goose
Scientific name:
Anser caerulescens 

At the zoo: 1 female (24y) and 3 brothers (9y)

Snow Geese are found throughout North America. They migrate to the Arctic Tundra during breeding season.

Snow Geese graze on grass, sedges, rushes, moss, shrubs, roots, and invertebrates. They will also forage in wasted winter wheat and cornfields.

Median Life Expectancy:
20 years

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Snow Geese live in family groups that forage together. They can be found in huge flocks of up to several hundred thousand. There are two different colour variations: the 'snow phase' and the 'blue phase'. In the snow phase the geese are all white with black wing-tips and in the blue phase the geese have a blue/grey cast to their feathers, also with black wing-tips. It was originally thought that they were two different species, but it was discovered that they live and interbreed together commonly.

Fun Fact:
Did you know that Snow Geese are monogamous and mating pairs tend to return to the same nest each year!?

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