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Our Outreach Programs are fun, full of fascinating facts with a strong conservation message and include live animals or birds, as part of the program. The Zoo offers a variety of programs to different size groups that discuss a variety of species and the roles that they play in the environment. Here at the Greater Vancouver Zoo we are passionate about conservation and we want to satisfy your thirst on animal knowledge!

So why not bring the zoo to you? Our outreach programs are a great way to experience the zoo at your location and can include live animals as part of the program. With a variety of different themes and options available, pick the program that is right for your group and step into the wild with the Greater Vancouver Zoo!

Each program (45-60 minutes) may include:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Animal artifacts
  • Live animal(s) not available for all themes


Amazing Animal Adaptations

Giraffes have long necks, Lions have thick manes, Rabbits have big ears, Crocodiles have strong jaws – all of these are adaptations that help these animals survive in the wild. Learn about unique physical features and behaviors that enable animals to survive in their habitats all around the world.

Classifying the Animal Kingdom

What makes an insect an insect? Or a mammal a mammal? Biologists use many different tools to classify animals into the groups we have today – it is more complicated than it looks! Become a scientist and learn how to categorize the world around us!

The Web of Life

No animal is an island – they are all interconnected in many different ways. Learn about habitats, ecosystems, food webs, and why each animal is important to their community’s survival.

*PowerPoint and Artifacts only

Wildlife Conservation

In our changing world, many plants and animals are now threatened with extinction. Learn about the challenges animals face in the wild and explore the role individuals, zoos and conservation organizations have in protecting species around the world.

Animals in Your Backyard

Big or small, animals are right outside our back door! Learn about some of British Columbia’s local animal species, how we interact with them, and their status in the community.

*Live animal presentations only

You and the Zoo

Full of fun facts, this is an overview of some of the animals at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. Learn some of the features, basic needs and importance of each animal in its environment.

Artifacts: What Animals Leave Behind

In this program, the focus is on things collected from animals as they move through their daily lives or after those animals have passed away. This is a great hands on program where participants can see and handle items from numerous different animals.

*PowerPoint and Artifacts only

Create Your Own

If you have a vision for your special event or topics you would like to covered, contact us and we will be more than willing to see what we can create with you. Ideal for a casual event or birthday party!


Presentation with artifacts: $4/person (minimum group size of 10) + mileage

Live animal presentations (1hour)

$180 + mileage

Please note: Rates and presentations are subject to change at the discretion of the Greater Vancouver Zoo

Things you should know before booking an outreach program:

All school programs are based on the B.C. Ministry of Education curriculum and standards.

For teachers/administrators, you may book an outreach program for your class, for several classes, or for the entire school. However, the smaller the group, the more intimate and interactive the experience.

If you choose the option of bringing animals to your event, choices may be limited by the behavior and health of the animals on any given day. Birds are very sensitive to rain and drafty areas. Reptiles in the process of shedding dislike being disturbed. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, but availability is always left to the discretion of the Animal Care staff.

To learn more or to book your presentation contact Paige DeWolff, Education Coordinator at 604-856-6825 ext 28 or email

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