Happy New Year! We hope you all had a fun, family-filled holiday season. As we move into 2019 we are taking the time to reflect and show gratitude to all of our amazing and inspiring staff, guests and zoo friends who supported us in 2018.

2018 was a wonderful year for us at GVZoo (check out our highlights video here). We successfully aided in a number of conservation efforts and provided a home for animals that cannot survive if released back into the wild. As a CAZA accredited facility we pride ourselves on upholding and adhering to the highest standards of animal care to ensure the well-being of all of our animals.

Social media continues to be a place where we will share our stories and look forward to hearing stories from everyone in our community. It’s been a pleasure and educational experience learning from our online communities in 2018 and we applaud all those who take the time and thought to leave us comments, feedback and their views. Please note that we encourage everyone to continue supporting each other, sharing their views, honesty and to refrain from leaving any negative comments that may be directly hostile to one another.

Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen. 

- Conan O'Brien

Here are some great resolutions that you can support us with in 2019:

Be Kind

We are working hard to be a force for good in the world that takes care of animals in need and aids with conservation of endangered species.  While we understand all individuals might not necessarily agree with all of our actions and welcome all views and opinions, we do encourage our audience to be respectful of everyone around them when they share their feedback on our page and discourage the use of abusive language. We are always happy to take part in open discussions and encourage guests who would like to learn more to email us at info@gvzoo.com.

Be Green

If you were lucky enough to be gifted a new cell phone for Christmas then please help us by donating your old cell phone for us to recycle. Cell phones are made using material found in Central Africa in the middle of wildlife habitats. Sadly mining operations mean habitat losses and increased hunting for animals native to the region. Your donations can help save wildlife habitats as well as help prevent the dangers from discarded cell phones. For more information, click here: https://gvzoo.com/conservation/3-rs/

Be Giving

If you’re looking to give back to the local community and volunteer in 2019, then look no further! We are always grateful for new volunteers and volunteering with us provides participants with a unique opportunity to have fun in a beautiful setting and learn more about our amazing animals. Discover more about what you could get up to as a volunteer at the zoo here: https://gvzoo.com/support/volunteer/

Be Here! 

Last but definitely not least, you can support us by simply being here! Every single visitor to the Zoo helps us with our mission to inspire appreciation of our ecosystems and support conservation efforts by engaging and educating the community.