To honour the Lunar New Year, we’ve put together a list of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and their personalities. Does your sign match your personality? Keep reading to find out!

The Rat 

Rats are known to be very smart creatures. They are highly resourceful and quick thinkers. Fun fact, a full-grown rat can squeeze itself into a hole just the size of a quarter! (Eep- better do a thorough check around the house!)

The Ox

Ox are very dependable and hardworking animals. People born in this sign are thought to be honest. The muskox’s natural environment is the Arctic tundra, which must most certainly take a lot of hard work to survive in. Luckily our climate here is not as extreme so you can visit the muskox on your next visit to the GVZoo.  

The Tiger

A competitive, confident and unpredictable sign. Did you know that tigers are the biggest species in the cat family and that no two tigers have the same stripes? Next time you’re at the GVZoo, make sure to say hello to our resident Siberian tiger, Hana!

The Rabbit

Quite opposite to the tiger, the rabbit is kind and patient. Thought of as a gentle creature, this zodiac interpretation is right in line with the calm and quiet nature of the rabbit.

The Dragon

Viewed as the most prominent of the zodiacs, the mighty dragon is confident, ambitious and can persevere through anything. As it represents a symbol of power and strength, great people are often compared to a dragon.

The Snake

The snake is courageous and insightful. Interesting fact, snakes don’t have eyelids. Instead, they have a protective scale which is replaced each time they shed! (Sssssssuper cool, right?)

The Horse

A kind, energetic, active and animated zodiac sign. We find this to be quite true of our miniature horses, Pearl and Lips. Horses have been part of Chinese art and literature throughout the centuries. In mythology, horses and dragons were thought to be related and it was suggested that horses could even fly! 

The Goat

The gentle, amicable and sympathetic goat is known to be one of the very first animals to be domesticated. Goats love to have fun and can even learn to come when their name is called!

The Monkey

The monkey is witty, curious and mischievous. This is where the phrase “quit monkey-ing around” comes from as monkeys are the commanders of practical jokes.  

The Rooster

The hardworking rooster is resourceful, observant and talented. There are more chickens on earth than any other species of bird.

The Dog

The kind and loyal dog is also known to be cautious and even prudent. While we don’t have any dogs here at the GVZoo, we do have their cousin the grey wolf! Grey Wolves are pack animals, they live in groups with an alpha male and an alpha female who only mate with each other.

The Pig 

And finally, the star of 2019 – the pig! This animal is considered compassionate, easy going, and generous! The year of the pig is said to bring good luck and fortune. Our favourite pigs happen to be our red river hogs. Red river hogs are the most colourful of all wild pigs! The colour red is also considered to be very lucky in Chinese culture. What is luckier than a red pig?