With each unique behind the scenes experience you will also receive:

  • Admission to the Zoo
  • Designated Zoo Guide to answer questions, educate you about the Zoo and escort you to the enrichment as well as take requested photos.
  • Experience package with printed photos, USB, information about the animal and an experience certificate signed by the General Manager and Zookeeper.

Each experience will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Pricing is for (4) participants, additional participants may be added dependent on experience and at an additional cost. Please contact for additional information.

The GVZoo is a no-touch facility, which means there will not be direct physical contact with the animal. During the experience, all Zookeeper directions must be followed. This is to ensure the safety of your party as well as our animals; which we hold with utmost important. Failure to listen to Zookeeper direction could result in your experience being cut short. Each experience will be unique as weather, enrichment items, and other factors can affect animal behaviors.