Join us for a week-long day camp exploring why animals are important in our world and the ways we as people, scientists, and zoos affect them every day.

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Monday: Why are animals important?

To set the frame of the week we will answer why animals are important in the world and why we need to keep as many of them as possible.

Tuesday: Why are animals endangered?

Animals wouldn’t need help from humans if they were all thriving. Today is all about learning what it means to be endangered and what causes animals to be endangered.

Wednesday: How can we help?

At this point in the week we have learned animals are important and need our help, but how do we help? Join us to spend a day learning how you can help every day and make a difference.

Thursday: Conservation methods

Sometimes animals need a helping hand to survive in the wild and thrive. For the day you can put on a conservation cap and learn about different ways scientists give extra help to those in need.

Friday: How zoos help today.

Zoos have changed a lot over the last 100 years, and we want to open our doors to give you a look into how zoos help animals in a modern world.

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