International Red Panda Day

It’s International Red Panda Day! In order to help save these adorable creatures it’s important for us to educate ourselves on current conservation efforts and how YOU can have an impact.

There are many passionate and hardworking people working to keep this species and their native habitats alive across the globe. This includes the Red Panda Network which currently has 12 anti-poaching networks across Nepal! These networks help to remove traps and snares, educate locals, and report poaching activities. 

 With this positive progress, it’s important to remember that wildlife crime still threatens the future of the endangered red panda. As the only species of their kind, they play a critical role in the conservation of the Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forest where bamboo and trees are relied upon for their diet and safety, both of which get decimated by human encroachment. 

 With as few as 2,500 red pandas remaining in the wild, saving them is crucial. All four of our red pandas, Arun, Sakura, Maple & Mei Mei are a part of the Species Survival Program (SSP) that helps to maintain healthy and genetically diverse animal populations. This led to their babies, Mei Mei & Maple, becoming the first red panda cubs born in BC!

 Visit https://gvzoo.com/animals/red-panda for more information on these adorable creatures and make sure to tell your friends on social media why you love red pandas and why you are celebrating International Red Panda Day this year! 

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