#EarthDay - Oregon Spotted Frogs

Oregon Spotted Frogs (Rana pretiosa) are a unique and endangered amphibian species native to the western regions of North America, including Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. These beautiful frogs are known for their distinct spotted markings and are highly dependent on freshwater habitats such as lakes, ponds, and wetlands for their survival. However, their populations have been severely impacted by habitat loss, which poses a grave threat to their existence.

One of the primary factors contributing to the decline of Oregon Spotted Frogs is the loss of their natural habitats due to human activities. Wetland destruction, water pollution, and alteration of aquatic ecosystems have significantly reduced the availability of suitable breeding and foraging grounds for these frogs. Wetland drainage for agricultural and urban development, water diversion for irrigation and other purposes, and climate change-induced habitat changes have all resulted in the degradation and fragmentation of their habitats.

In BC one of the largest potential historical habitats for OSF would have been shallow warm water wetlands such as those surrounding Sumas lake which was drained in the 1920's. This provided very valuable and rich farmland but resulted in the loss of a huge amount of water holding capacity. The ultimate result of this was not seen for a hundred years when in 2020 the Sumas Prairie experienced a catastrophic flood. 

This earth day I look back on the value and services that ecosystems provide not only wildlife but humans as well, and hope that we increase our collective benefit of those habitats, if not for wildlife then for ourselves. 

Andrea Gielens 

Lead Biologist

Wildlife Preservation Canada

Categories: ConservationBlog

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