Common name: Aoudad
Scientific name:
Ammotragus lervia

At the zoo: Izzy (male, 11y), Duff (male, 11y), Misty (female, 11y)

Aoudad are found in North Africa and have been recently introduced to the southern areas of the United States and Mexico. They can be found in dry, mountainous or rocky areas.

Grasses, leaves, and shrubs.

Life Expectancy:
20 years

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Aoudad are goat-like animals with a beige coat. They have long, soft, fringed hair that hangs down from their throat and hindquarters, this being more pronounced in males. They have semicircular horns that curve outward.

Aoudads live in arid habitats where vegetation is sparse. They are able to survive without water for extended periods by eating at dusk or dawn when dew accumulates on plants. With a lack of vegetation to hide behind, aoudads will remain motionless when threatened and rely on camouflage to blend in with their rugged and rocky terrain.

While aoudads occur in protected reserves throughout their native geographic range in northern Africa, lack of enforcement of the laws protecting them is contributing to the current decrease in population.

Fun Fact:
Did you know that Aoudads are also commonly known as 'Barbary Sheep'?

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Categories: Mammals


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