Common name: Addax
Scientific name: 
Addax nasomaculatus

Addax prefer arid regions, including sandy and stony deserts. They formerly inhabited all parts of the Sahara Desert, however, only one population remains on a reserve in Niger.

In the wild, Addax eat coarse desert grasses and the leaves of small bushes and trees. They get sufficient moisture from food and can go long periods without drinking water.

Life Expectancy:
Up to 20 years

Male Addax can weigh up to 300 pounds, and females up to 200 pounds. They have grey/brown coats, with their colour changing (slightly) throughout the seasons. They are easily frightened and sometimes run themselves into exhaustion.

Conservation Status:
Critically endangered | Addax populations were once plentiful, but overhunting has led to critically low numbers. Hunted for meat and leather has led the population to drop to less than 500 in the wild.

Fun Fact:
Did you know that Addax are also known as White Antelope or Screwhorn Antelope!?