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American Badger

Common Name: American badger
Scientific Name: Taxidea taxus

American Badgers can be found throughout Southern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and from the west coast of the United States to Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana.

American Badgers will feed on pocket gophers, ground squirrels, moles, marmots, prairie dogs, woodrats, kangaroo rats, deer mice, voles, ground nesting birds, lizards, amphibians, carrion, fish, hibernating skunks, insects, bees, honeycomb, corn, and sunflower seeds.

Maximum longevity:
15 years

Badgers are nocturnal, meaning they are mainly active at night. They tend to be inactive during the winter months, but will emerge from their dens on warm winter days. During their period of inactivity, their body temperature drops down to about 9 degrees Celsius and their heart beats at about half the normal rate.

Fun Fact: 
Did you know that Badgers are powerful diggers? Their strong forelimbs allow them to quickly tunnel through soil and other substances. Badgers live in burrows that can be as far as 3 meters below the surface!

  • GVZOO animal

    GVZOO animal

  • GVZOO animal

    GVZOO animal

Categories: Mammals


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