Established in 1970, the Greater Vancouver Zoo has grown from a small drive-through to one of Canada’s premier zoological destinations and a dedicated contributor to species conservation.

Dedicated to education and conservation, we are home to many rescued, donated, and orphaned animals. The mission of the Greater Vancouver Zoo is to inspire appreciation of our ecosystems and support conservation efforts by engaging the community.

Discover the sights and sounds of 140 species on 120 acres in the heart of the Fraser Valley.

Serge Lussier, General Manager

"I often say I am a visionary. I don’t look at five years ago; I look at five years from now. This is how we can innovate: we need to look to the future. And we need to create what becomes exemplary. I’ve been around the world. We’re losing the wild everywhere. Our animals need to be ambassadors for their species, let’s realize we need to protect the environment. Everyone who comes to the zoo must realize the importance of nature and of species that we’re losing out there, it’s as simple as one word: awareness. It is so very important."