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GVZOO 46th ANNIVERSARY - August 20th

Come join the party - we are celebrating our 46th Anniversary on Saturday August 20th and are very proud of it!

Please stop by and share in our celebration – all activities from 10 am - 3 pm will be taking place in our main picnic area which is located in the centre of the Zoo across from the baboons and jaguar. Fun stuff includes amazing performances from the TA DAA LADY and the NYLON ZOO, face painting, coloring contest, scavenger hunt, obstacle course, giant slide, musical trio FLYING RITAS and the folks from “WILD PLAY” will show you how to put on one of their harnesses and more!!

Schedule of performances for the day are:

  • 10:30 am - Nylon Zoo
  • 11:30 am - Flying Ritas
  • 12:30 pm - Ta Daa lady show plus CAKE!!
  • 1:30 pm - Nylon Zoo
  • 2:30 pm - Nylon Zoo

Did you say CAKE!!! Of course wouldn’t be a party without the cake - cake will be at 12:30 pm.


It is National Zookeepers Enrichment Week from July 17 - 23, so why not come celebrate with our passionate animal care givers with what they love to do best - enrich the lives of the animals that they care for! Times and dates of the animals that are receiving the extra special treats this week in addition to their usual daily enrichment activities.

What is Enrichment? Enrichment is the process of ensuring the animal's needs are being met and that each different species has the opportunity to experience enhanced welfare - physical as well as psychological, while using their cognitive abilities and responding to environmental conditions using their special adaptations.

to all our wonderful zookeepers for all they do!!


About the Event

To help raise awareness about animal conservation initiatives, the Greater Vancouver Zoo is getting kids, kids at heart or anyone who loves building to create a animal conservation-themed LEGO sculpture for the upcoming Creating for Conservation event! On July 30th, you can bring your best work of LEGO to the Zoo for our exciting contest. Your sculpture will be on display at the Zoo for all to admire, and will be judged by a panel for your chance to win amazing prizes! The top three selected by the judges in each category will receive prizes, and there will also be a “People’s Choice Award” up for grabs!

This is a great opportunity to have fun while learning about the importance of conservation. “This event will help by providing more awareness for the programs we are involved with, but ultimately we hope to encourage appreciation of the environment and motivate our guests to get more involved with any form of conservation efforts,” says Marketing and Communication Manager, Jody Henderson. It’s a fun family activity to get kids educated on endangered species, animal conservation, and how to get involved. It will be an enriching way get educated on how to contribute, while having fun creating with one of the most widely loved toys. What better way to learn? “Kids are our future, so the sooner they appreciate and understand about conservation, the better leaders they will become in protecting the animals and the wild spaces where they need to survive”.

Conservation Efforts

At the Greater Vancouver Zoo, we participate in multiple conservation efforts. We’re not only involved with local conservation initiatives, but we expand to field conservation work. “Locally we are involved with three native endangered species breeding programs (Oregon Spotted Frog, Western Painted Turtles and Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterflies) where we release the captive breed species back into protected wild locations,” says Henderson. “Whether we are providing messaging about conservation or doing the field work itself is vitally important to connect people with nature, so we all can protect the planets biodiversity and the future of all species”.

Ten dollars from every ticket purchase will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Zoo’s conservation initiatives.

To register for Creating For Conservation, get your tickets here.

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