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The Greater Vancouver Zoo has always been a unique resource for educators of all grade levels, from Pre-School to University students. Now with the introduction of the new British Columbia curriculum, even more opportunities are available here. The new curriculum is about providing a greater connection to learning, and we have many resources to assist educators in meeting those learning outcomes at our facility or by having us come to you with our outreach options.

This is a free event and does fill up very quickly as we are limited with space, so please do not delay! To register please click here or for further information about the day, please contact our Education Department at 604.856.6825 ext 26 or email

Event takes place from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm on October 21st.

All educators are free of charge and includes light snacks and refreshments, although we recommend that you bring a bag lunch or money to purchase lunch at our Safari Grill cafe. Please be aware that this is for "educators only" therefore no guests or children will be allowed with this program.

WORLD RHINO DAY - September 22

Come celebrate the five species of Rhino’s: black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran, and Javan plus how you can save them in the wild!

Rhinoceros are the largest mammal after the elephant and rank among the most endangered species in the world! The biggest threat to Rhino’s is poaching and is pushing them to extinction. Please come by the Info Booth from 11 am – 2pm and learn how you can help save these amazing animals!

A donation box will be available at the info booth to anyone able to donate. All funds will go directly to the International Rhino Foundation. More info on their rhino conservation work can be found at


Aldergrove – In a continued effort to protect endangered species worldwide, we have had another successful year by raising $25,818.22 USD for our “Quarters for Conservation Q4C” program!To date we have provided support for a grand total of over $115,000 USD since starting the Q4C program in late 2011.

Proceeds of the Q4C will increase awareness of these three endangered species and help assist with conservation efforts to protect them in their wild places! The three field conservation programs that we have been supporting have some exciting progress to share as follows:

Guatemalan Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot (ARCAS – Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Association)

ARCAS continues its collaboration in the COLORES the Yellow-Naped Amazon (amazona auropalliata) Conservation Project on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Training local researchers, collecting parrot-monitoring data and coordinating education activities at 6 monitoring sites; is just some of the current work being done within the program. The Yellow-Naped suffers from habitat loss due to agribusiness, and COLORES estimates that just 2,000 of these charismatic parrots remain on the Pacific coast. It is highly sought-after on the illegal pet trade due to fact that, after the African Grey, it is the parrot most able to imitate the human voice and other sounds.

Colum Muccio, Administrative Director of ARCAS, says, “It’s a complex project. We are working with interested landowners and agribusiness associations to use the Yellow-Naped Amazon as a flagship species to protect the few wild places that still exist on the Pacific coastal plain of Guatemala, an area that has since colonial times been subjected to intensive farming.”

The Indian Hornbill Nest Adoption Program (Nature Conservation Foundation)

As part of the Hornbill Nest Adoption Program through the Nature Conservation Foundation – India, local villagers from the Nyishi tribe have now found 38 hornbill nests of three different species and have helped 82 hornbill chicks fledge successfully. Hornbills are threatened with extinction because of: hunting for meat and body parts along with habitat degradation (deforestation and cutting of nest and roost trees). The Hornbill Nest Adoption Program continues to locate and protect new nests while collecting ecological information on hornbills assisting in planning more effective conservation strategies.

Photo credits: Aparajita Datta

"Hornbill Nest Adoption Program is a unique partnership with the local community and government and built with urban citizen support and participation", commented by Aparajita Datta of Nature Conservation Foundation.

The Iranian Cheetah Project (Panthera, International Wild Cat Conservation)

As one of only two Western conservation NGOs with permission to operate in Iran, Panthera has been working with the Iranian Department of Environment’s Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project and other partners since 2008 to protect the last 50 Asiatic cheetahs in the world through the Iranian Cheetah Project. Panthera's Cheetah Program aims to protect cheetahs by addressing direct threats, prey base, and their habitats. To do this, Panthera gathers critical ecological data by surveying and monitoring populations and their prey, collaborating with local law enforcement officials and partners, working with local communities to mitigate conflict and create cheetah-positive landscapes within communities.

Panthera President and Chief Conservation Officer, Dr. Luke Hunter, shared, "The Asiatic cheetah is a fantastic animal that has been part of Persian culture for 2,000 years, and deserves to be for 2,000 more. But today we are running out of time to save this critically endangered species. We're grateful for contributions from organizations like Greater Vancouver Zoo that help support Panthera's work with Iran's Department of the Environment and other critical partners to conserve and grow the world's last remaining Asiatic cheetahs."

The “Q4C Program” success has been achieved by everyone who visits the zoo, as we collect $0.25 from each admission price and $2.50 from each membership purchased. And 100% of these proceeds go back to these programs! Guests are also encouraged to stop by the three interactive spiral wishing wells located near the front entrance, where they can learn a bit more about the program and can make a decision on which program they wish to truly make a difference to. We want to thank everyone who has been by in the last year and the past years, as this success and generous efforts would not have been possible without your support! THANK YOU!!

To learn more about the extremely important conservation efforts for these endangered species, please visit our website

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