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Results of necropsy for Sweetie the Siberian Tiger

Date: January 2nd, 2014 



Aldergrove – The Greater Vancouver Zoo’s Veterinarian, Dr. Bruce Burton, worked tirelessly to do a complete and thorough necropsy on Sweetie the evening of December 31st. It was determined that Sweetie was in excellent body condition, although she had a very large hernia in her diaphragm.

According to Dr. Burton - “A hiatal hernia which was almost certainly present since birth and thus was congenital rather than traumatic in origin. She did extremely well to live one year, let alone 18, considering the size of the hernia. It was likely not something we could have repaired surgically and since she was not eating, we felt it was in her best interest (the kindest thing to do) for her to be humanely euthanized. It is unlikely she was in any real discomfort at all.”

Over her entire life at the Greater Vancouver Zoo, Sweetie was a wonderful ambassador for the Siberian Tiger species and she helped connect thousands of people on how they can make a difference to tigers in the wild.  We hope that you will join us in continuing to raise public awareness by supporting the conservation efforts of the Siberian Tigers, by banning the poaching of tiger parts on the black market and the destruction of their habitat in the wild.

Everyone at the Greater Vancouver Zoo would like to personally thank Dr. Burton for all his time, gentle approach and caring efforts with our special friend.  In addition, we have been receiving many thoughtful emails, facebook posts and kind words…thank you for all your support we very much appreciate it!

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