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Preliminary Results for Jafari



Aldergrove – The Greater Vancouver Zoo is performing a very extensive investigation into the recent giraffe deaths. We have received some important information surrounding preliminary results from the necropsy for Jafari that we wanted to share.

Dr Himsworthan, an independent Veterinary Anatomic Pathologist, has stated that her preliminary results have shown that “Jafari was in excellent body condition with ample body fat stores. This finding has allowed us to rule out the so-called ‘peracute mortality syndrome’ of giraffes (i.e., death due to a combination of low body fat and cold climate) as a cause of death. Testing is ongoing on the samples that were received from the post-mortem.”

During the 12 years that we have known Jafari he has been exceptional healthy, stated Dr. Burton Veterinarian for the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

The Zoo would like to thank everyone who has sent in their condolences and best wishes with the investigation, we truly appreciate your caring thoughts at this extremely difficult time. In addition, we greatly appreciate the media personnel who respected our wishes when asked not to film the giraffe barn and our male giraffe, “Pompy”, as we felt strongly that it would provoke more stress to him after just losing a friend. 

Staff at the Greater Vancouver Zoo remain committed to caring for animals, while promoting respect for and connectedness with the natural world. 

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