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Quarters for Conservation - Saving Endangered Species in the Wild



Aldergrove – Greater Vancouver Zoo officially launched the “Quarters for Conservation Program (Q4C)” in August 2011.  Between August 2011 and December 2012 we have raised a total of $55,724.96, in thanks to all of our supporters who visited the Zoo during this time.  The “Q4C Program” was started to generate funds supporting field conservation projects for endangered species locally and internationally. 

The Greater Vancouver Zoo reviewed numerous great projects that were in need of funding to continue with their conservation efforts of saving endangered species in the wild. After careful consideration was given, the following 3 projects were selected:

  • Guatemalan Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot (ARCAS – Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Association)
  • The Indian Hornbill Nest Adoption Program (Nature Conservation Foundation) 
  • The Iranian Cheetah Project (Panthera, International Wild Cat Conservation)



 “We are just thrilled with the funding to date and it goes without saying that, even small change can make a huge difference to help save these wonderful endangered species.” said Jody Henderson, General Manager.  For more information on these projects please visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo’s link, which will direct you to each individual projects website.

For each guest entering the zoo, $0.25 of their general admission price is allocated to the general funds of the “Q4C Programs”.  Additionally our guests are encouraged to learn more about each program by visiting the 3 interactive spiral wishing wells near the front entrance. Where they can make a decision on which program they wish to truly make a difference to, by additionally contributing to save the endangered species in the wild.   

Funds that were raised for each of the “Q4C” programs will be distributed today. The Greater Vancouver Zoo’s “Q4C Programs” will be reviewed at the end of 2013 and new programs will be selected for the following year.

Media Contact: 

Jody Henderson 

General Manager 

Phone:  604.856.6825 x 27 


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