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Animal Care Center Opening



Aldergrove – The Greater Vancouver Zoo held the official grand opening of the new Animal Care Center on Thursday July 25th at 10 am. Participating in the ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony was the Township of Langley Mayor Jack Froese and of the Greater Vancouver Zoo, Mr. Park (President/Owner), Mr. Choi (Vice President) and Jody Henderson (General Manager).

After the opening speeches from Jody Henderson and Mayor Jack Froese, the group of 80 invited guests were led on a guided tour of the new facility. The tour began in the quarantine section, followed by the food preparation and nutrition area, and lastly the operating room; where they learned about the Western Painted Turtles (new conservation program for the Zoo) and observed a basic health check up on a Savannah Monitor lizard.

“After months of eager anticipation the day has finally arrived…for the disbelievers in the world…we are truly a bunch of determined people who do not give up easily. We are so proud to be standing in front of our new Animal Care Center, even though we are in the very early stages of developing our new facility. We will begin operating as a basic center for minor check-ups, vaccines, food preparation and nutritional analysis, and animal quarantine purposes.” Jody Henderson (General Manager, Greater Vancouver Zoo). 



The new Animal Care Center is 5400 square feet and offers a secure, efficient and safe environment to work in onsite at the Zoo. The facility boasts many special features that include:  treatment and quarantine rooms that are individually climate controlled for the needs of different types of animal species, skylights that allow natural light for the animals and ponds in the rooms created specifically for our feathered friends.  The building has a total of 23 rooms including: 1 cooler, 1 freezer, modern kitchen area for food preparation and nutrition, hospital area for the treatment of sick and injured animals and minor surgery with 5 rooms for overnight  or longer term guests, 6 rooms for animal quarantine, vet technician office and lab area. The final cost of the new center is approximately $1 million dollars.

Everyone at the Greater Vancouver Zoo would like to thank all who shared in our exciting day, with a special mention to the Honourable Mayor Jack Froese for all his support during our construction, in addition to Councillor Bev Dornan, Councillor David Davis, Councillor Teri James, Councillor Gayle Martin for attending our Grand Opening Ceremony celebration.  

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