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HOURS: 9:00AM-4:00PM

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Join us on January 21st at 12:30PM for our 2nd Citizen Science Saturday! We will be hosting an educational, hands on guest participation event in the Animalasium and our Animal Care Centre! This months Citizen Science Theme is healthy animal diets: take part in a special hands on workshop, then board the Gvzoo bus for a special behind the scenes tour in our Animal Care Centre Commissary! Maximum available spots for this event is 24 participants so give us a call at 604 856 6825 to save your spot, remaining spots will on a first come first serve basis at our front admissions.

**Availability not guaranteed.
**Bus ride weather dependent - in the case of icy conditions wear appropriate attire and be prepared to walk the tour.

CHINESE NEW YEAR - JAN 28th & 29th!

Join us on January 28th and 29th for some Chinese New Year fun! We are offering guests 2 for 1 admission & a special gift on both days, as well as some exciting scheduled enrichment activities with some of our species that are native to China!

January 28th

As we welcome the year of the Rooster how could we not do a special enrichment with the Roosters close relative?!

11:00AM Meet us at our farm yard, learn a bit about Chickens and watch them get a special Chinese New Year treat! - By Gvzoo Train Station

1:30PM Head over to the Red Panda enclosure and visit with Arun our resident Red Panda as he gets his special enrichment! - #13 on Gvzoo Map

January 29th

11:00AM Meet us in our Asian section for a visit with our Sika Deer! Learn a bit about them and watch them play with their special treat! - #5 on Gvzoo Map

1:00PM Head over to the Eurasian Lynx enclosure for a special visit and of course, a Chinese New Year enrichment! - #22 on Gvzoo Map


Join us this weekend - December 31st, January 1st and 2nd for some family fun!

December 31st - 11:30 AM Caiman Feeding in the Vivarium!

January 1st - 1:00 PM New Years Lion Enrichment at the Lion Enclosure!

January 2nd - 1:00 PM Special Coati Enrichment at the Coati Enclosure near our front entrance!

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